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PC - The Terminator - 3.5" diskette (without original packaging) (used)


PC - The Terminator - 3.5" diskette (without original packaging) (used)

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Item condition:

Second hand

Tested & fully functional - normal age-related signs of wear without outer packaging

  • Item number: 1056344
  • USK approval: unknown

The Terminator 3.5 for PC - Save Sarah Connor from the sick Killing Machine!


  • The game consists of 10 levels!
  • Future locations include the post-apocalyptic wasteland of 2019 in LA
  • Present: 1984 Streets and Rooftops of LA
  • Soundtracks a mixture of heavy rock and electronic melodies!

The Terminator 3.5 for PC : Similar to adaptations of The Terminator on other systems, the Sega CD game is a platform game in which the player controls Kyle Reese , who travels back in time from the year 2029 to Sarah Connor from the unstoppable killing machine known as the Terminator. reeseis armed with a pistol with unlimited ammo as well as a limited number of grenades to dispatch the many enemies including terminators and HKs in the future and punks in the present. There are also several bosses to fight. The boss fights include several encounters with the Terminator, which of course cannot be completely destroyed until the finale, but must be pushed back in order not to hurt Sarah.

Sample image - game usually first edition (platinum or similar possible)

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PC - The Terminator - 3.5" diskette (without original packaging) (used)