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PC - Overwatch - Origins Edition (DE Version) (with OVP) (used)


PC - Overwatch - Origins Edition (DE Version) (with OVP) (used)

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Item condition:

Second hand

Tested & fully functional - normal age-related signs of wear with original outer packaging

  • Language:
  • Packaging: German
  • Version: German
  • Genre: shooter
  • Item number: 1098885
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The world can never have enough heroes

Origins Edition Content
- 21 Heroes

5 Skins:
- Blackwatch-Reyes (Reaper)
- Strike Commander Morrison (Soldier: 76)
- Overgrown Bastion
- Security Chief Pharah
- Slipstream Tracer

Soldiers. Scientist. Adventurer. Outsider.
During a global crisis, an international
strike force of heroes was formed to
restore peace to a war-torn world: Overwatch.

They ended the crisis and helped
secure peace in the decades that followed. An
age of discovery and innovation followed. But with the
For years, Overwatch's influence waned until the
organization was finally dissolved.

Choose Your Heroes
In Overwatch, you'll find a variety of heroes: from the
time-travelling adventuress to the armored,
rocket-hammer-wielding warrior to the
meditating robotic monk. Each of the heroes plays
differently and only by mastering their skills can
their full potential be released. No hero is like
the other.

Play Your Role
Whether you're charging into the thick of things as an offensive hero , providing
cover with your energy shield, or
supporting your allies by dealing damage
Using your skills skillfully and
interacting with your teammates is always the
key to victory.

Team-Based Objectives Teams of heroes battle each other
in different locations around the world .
Whether you're protecting the mysteries within the mysterious
Temple of Anubis or guiding an EMP Generator
safely through King's Row, the world is your

Sample image - game usually first edition (platinum or similar possible)

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PC - Overwatch - Origins Edition (DE Version) (with OVP) (used)