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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost to register ads of used and brand new gaming products on

A: The registration of used products is free for private sellers and companies (such as stores and brands). The registration of brand new products is also free for companies with Activated Premium Accounts. Contact us for pricing and conditions.


Q: Is there any limit on the number of products that can be registered?

A: Yes, it depends on the type of account created. Contact us for pricing and conditions


Q: If I register my store it will be visible on directory?

A: Yes. All activated businesses accounts will be listed on our directory.


Q: I have an online store can I register an account and link the products directly to my online store?

A: Yes. Just contact us to activate the "Online Store" mode for your Premium Account.


Q: Do you buy and sell gaming products on

A: No. is an Online Bike Markeplace where private sellers and companies can register gaming related ads.


Q: Already sold my product. How can I disable the classified ad

A: Just login, go to the list of your ads and archive it as "Sold".


Q: Can I advertise on banner locations?

A: Yes. Contact us with your requirements so that we can work on your next advertising campaign.


Q: My account is marked as Blocked. What can I do?

A: The users with messages unread for more than 30 days may have their accounts blocked. Your account may also be blocked because your are not following our rules. Contact us and ask to unlock your account.


Q: Can I write whatever I feel like in my ads?

A: All titles and descriptions of the ads are checked and, if necessary, revised / adjusted to ensure uniformity and quality in the contents published (misspellings, capital letters, different types and fonts, etc. are not accepted). Ads that do not qualify will be eliminated and Abusive Users will be eliminated without prior notice.


Q: I'm a Gamer/Streamer/YouTuber and I'm looking for sponsorships (for Gaming material, to participate in a Tournament, Sponsors, etc.)... can I register an Ad asking for Sponsorship?

A: Yes, it is possible... Contact us first and send us an email with your Name, Links to your Pages on the Various Platforms, what you can offer to Sponsors and what you need as a Sponsorship for us to evaluate.


If you have other questions or suggestions please use the contact form and send us a message.